Membership Program

OpenPad is gearing up for an exciting series of Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) from top-notch projects in the pipeline. We recognize that community involvement is pivotal to achieving and surpassing our current milestones. At OpenPad, we deeply value our supporters, and that’s precisely why we are introducing the Membership Program – an exclusive opportunity for our community to become the inaugural holders of $OPAD tokens with well-deserved privileges.

I. Overview

In our commitment to providing high-quality projects to our community, we prioritize delivering long-term value to our users. The Membership Program, featuring a substantial total reward pool of 3,000,000 $OPAD, is our way of expressing gratitude to our community through engaging activities associated with unmissable IDO projects.

II, Distribution Structure

The 3,000,000 $OPAD tokens will be distributed based on the following percentage breakdown:

  • 500,000 $OPAD for Early KYC Participants: Secure your spot as one of the first users to complete KYC.

  • 60,000 $OPAD for Top Referrals: Invite your friend to join in OpenPad community is also a good method to grow your amount of rewards

  • 240,000 $OPAD for All IDO Participants: Participate in the IDO and claim your share of the rewards.

  • 2,200,000 $OPAD Allocated based on IDO Volume Purchase on Launchpad: The majority share will be distributed to users depending on their IDO Volume Buy on the launchpad

III. Details

1. KYC Rewards – Exclusive for the First 5000 KYC users:

In a special offer, the initial 5000 individuals who successfully complete the KYC process will receive 100 $OPAD token. The eagerly awaited list of winners will be officially announced following the successful completion of the KYC procedure. This not only adds an exciting element to the process but also ensures transparency in acknowledging and celebrating the community’s active participation.

KYC now:

2. Successful Referrals and increase your rewards

After completing your KYC process on our Launchpad, user will receive their own Referral link. Invite more friend to join in and complete KYC via your referrals both you and your friend will receive exclusive rewards. With each successful invitation, users receive 10 $OPAD as their rewards. Moreover, with our top 100 you could even get more than what can you think.

3. Distributing 240,000 $OPAD to All IDO Participants:

During the IDO event, every participant, regardless of their allocation, is entitled to an equal share of 240,000 $OPAD pool. This ensures that each contributor receives a fair and uniform portion of the rewards during this period. To maintain fairness, each user will be eligible to receive the allocation only once, based on their buying wallet.

To illustrate, in a scenario where 10,000 unique wallets engage in buying the IDO, the overall pool designated for this category amounts to 240,000 $OPAD. Consequently, each unique wallet will be granted 24 $OPAD, emphasizing our commitment to equitable distribution and an inclusive experience for all participants.

Check now our upcoming IDO:

4. Rewards Based on IDO Purchase Volume:

OpenPad rewards are determined by users’ buy volume in the IDO, with a fixed conversion rate of 1 $USDT to 1 $OPAD.

For instance, if User B invests $25,000, they’ll receive 25,000 $OPAD. This streamlined system reflects OpenPad’s commitment to fairness and simplicity in rewarding participants.

The event will conclude once a total of 2,200,000 $OPAD has been distributed.

IV. Conclusion

OpenPad’s $OPAD Membership Program offers an exclusive gateway for community members to become pioneers in owning $OPAD tokens. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become one of the first owners of $OPAD and enjoy the unique benefits of our Membership Program!

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