Riskless Rules

Riskless IDO Initiatives

With the IDO project adopting Risk-Free Rules, Openpad AI offers a Refund mechanism to every IDO participant on our Launchpad platform.

At the IDO project TGE, users can choose to activate the Claim or Refund function.

  • Claim: Claim the number of Tokens based on the vesting schedule

  • Refund: Apply for a refund within 24 hours after listing. When the user selects Claim, the Refund option will no longer be available and vice versa.

  • In case within 24 hours from the time of Listing, the user does not initiate a Refund on the platform, the Refund mechanism will not be activated and the User will claim Token according to the prescribed Vesting Schedule.

The Refund Mechanism applies to all IDO Groups, including Tier Round and FCFS Round Refund time: Depending on the situation, the refund time may start within 24 hours from the Listing Time.

⚡️ Funds Distribution Protocol

Within 48 hours of listing, Openpad will summarize the amount raised and deduct the amount refunded by Users to distribute funds to Project IDO

⚡️ For Non-EVM projects

  • User claims IDO Token outside OpenPad system (Default 100% Claim), OpenPad will activate Refund when Price Listing in 24 hours is lower than IDO Price.

  • User registers for Refund through the link (when OpenPad activates Refund, the link will be published). OpenPad will compile statistics and Refund the remaining amount to the eligible User.

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