How to stake for buying IDOs

Staking For IDO Participation

  • At Openpad AI, each IDO project will have a separate Staking phase.

  • The Staking period for each project is approximately 7 days.

  • When you participate in Staking, you will receive a corresponding Tier based on the amount you have Staked.

  • Each Tier will come with different privileges and benefits.

  • The Staking process:

    • Choose the project you want to participate in for IDO.

    • In the Pool Information section, select "Stake to Buy."

    • The system will display various Tiers and the corresponding Staked amounts.

    • You can Stake multiple times to increase your Tier under "Your Staking" during the active Staking period.


  • After the Staking period ends and the Whitelist Winners are announced, you have the option to Unstake.

  • In the "Your Staking" section, click the "Unstake" button to retrieve the amount you previously Staked.

  • Unstaking will not affect your Tier for buying the specified project's IDO; your Tier will remain unchanged.

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