KYC Guide

Welcome to OpenPad Launchpad, where transparency and security are at the forefront of our operations. As a bridge between listed projects and engaged users, we uphold a commitment to due diligence. In order to contribute to a trustworthy and high-quality environment for all involved parties, completing the KYC within a few steps could bring you the best experience. Your security and confidence in our platform are paramount, and our KYC procedures are designed with these principles in mind.

Step by step for KYC process

  1. Access OpenPad launchpad website at:

2. Connect wallet

Easily click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right of your screen

After choosing "Connect Wallet", you will be required to sign in. Complete access process and sign to complete

3. Navigate to "My profile"

Upon successful wallet connection, a newly added drop-down button labeled "My Profile" will promptly emerge as a menu choice at the top, adjacent to the Network option.

4. Start your KYC

Click on "KYC" button on the top right to start your KYC

After clicking on "KYC" users can choose to continue their process on a PC device or change to mobile. In case you would like to keep doing KYC on their current device, you could keep clicking on "Continue on this device"

On the other hand, with users want to complete their KYC on mobile, we could also support it. Users can choose continue on phone and scan QR code that appears on the screen to keep it up on your phone.

5. Submit your information

Upon reaching the KYC onboarding page, you'll encounter a prompt to complete a standardized form by providing your information and uploading the necessary documents.

You can choose one in 4 options to fill in and submit your private information. Follow up the introduction and requirements, you will finish your process within 3 minutes.

To stay informed about OpenPad and receive timely updates on our upcoming IDO schedule, kindly provide your email at this stage.

6. Wait for the processing

After completing the form, you can observe the KYC status on the right top let you know everything is being processed. It will take an average 30 minutes to verify your account, hope you could stay tuned and wait for the verification.

7. Verification Completed - Welcome you onboard

Once our system successfully processes your form, your profile dashboard will be automatically updated. You could see your account has been confirm with a green signal

Congrats on joining the OpenPad community. Upon completion, leverage your Referral Link to invite friends, encouraging them to join, complete their KYC.

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