OPAD Utility Token

$OPAD is the native utility token of the OpenPad platform, enabling access to the investment platform and launchpad, AI features, liquidity deals, staking, and discounted platform fees.

$OPAD token serves as a means of trade facilitating all interactions on-chain among individuals, businesses, and the OpenPad AI Model. To unlock the full spectrum and intricacy of OpenPad's AI functionalities, OpenPad has integrated the $OPAD token into its operational framework.

In addition to enabling access, the token offers supplementary advantages that enhance the value users derive from their exposure to $CGPT.


  • Name: OPENPAD token

  • Symbol: $OPAD

  • Total supply: 200,000,000

  • Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain / Ethereum

  • Archetype: Utility

  • Economic Model: Deflationary

  • Supply Policy: Burning

  • OPAD Public Sale Price: $0.12 Per Token

  • Initial Market Cap: $588,000


Platform Access: $OPAD serves as your entry point to access AI platform, launchpads, trading tools, DEX, and gather allocations.

Launchpad Allocation: Users who own and stake $OPAD will be qualified for IDO allocation based on our Tier system.

Perks: $OPAD holders can access early features, discounts on AI feature subscription fees, earn from our referral system, ...

Governance: The $OPAD token facilitates community ownership and active stewardship of the protocol. $OPAD holders oversee the protocol through an on-chain governance process.

Staking/ Farming Incentives: $OPAD holders can stake tokens and earn rewards from the platforms: NFTs, airdrops, ...

Future Benefits: We are scaling up our ecosystem and releasing more investment features. $OPAD holders will gain early access and get benefits from new features and models.

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